Why are my books not selling?

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Book Marketing signals the death of the majority of new author dreams. You spend all that time on your book and believe the hard part’s done.

Plenty of online sources will claim quick fixes and miracle book-marketing tricks, but in the end they’re either fake solutions, or you need to put a great deal of effort to make them work anyway, on top of paying somebody for their approach.

Painful Learning Curve

Seven years ago my first book shifted 75 copies in the first month to friends and family. The feedback was good.

This is it, I thought. Now it will take off!

Month two, sales were seven.

Sound familiar?

I bit the bitter bullet – books don’t go viral on places like Amazon, Smashwords, or get snapped up by bookstore chains, even if you’re on facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, goodreads, and have a personal and comprehensive book website.

A year later, I’d learnt a lot. Thousands of copies were uploaded from Amazon, or sold direct as paperbacks at book signings, fairs, coffee shops, shopping malls, business networking – anywhere I could think I could get face-to-face.

What works…

I’ve put together a series, providing you with solid ways to market and sell your book. It involves no miracles, quick fixes, or silver bullet solutions. The fact is, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, it will guide you to a successful campaign, avoiding costly mistakes.

I wish you all the best with your book, and remember:

The harder you work
informed and smart
the luckier you get…

Part 1 – THE FIVE FIERCE FACTS (to selling 1000’s of books)

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About Miles Allen

Miles changed careers in 2008 from Senior Systems Designer in aviation to be a fantasy author. His first book hit No 1 on Amazon for Epic Fantasy and knocked The Hunger Games from the top slot in Waterstones. In 2010 he started a self-publishing business, and began bi-weekly creative writing meet-ups in Kent called NAGS.

He continues to write, run NAGS and teach creative writing courses to all levels. He’s delivered 5-star-rated courses for  Canterbury Christchurch University and North Kent College.

“It was great having Miles teaching to us today.
It’s given me some fantastic things to
think about – a very inspiring speaker,
thank you for a brilliant session.”

Emily Dorsett Beard

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