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  1. I started to work with Miles in January 2013- What a pleasure it continues to be as I work to publish my first book of short stories Tales from Turkey later this year- Miles has made it a reality and for the first time in twelve years I know it is going to come to fruition. His attention to detail and positive comments are appreciated. Long may we work together Miles and more testimonials to follow.

    Best Wishes, Miriam

  2. Hi there,
    About to read book 1 for the second time .. Searching the net for when book 2 will be out?? To no avail.
    Thanks for your time,

    1. Hi Kerryn, thanks for posting. Book two has just completed it’s second draft after a major rewrite which is why it has taken so long. I’m not a full-time writer and also this adds to the timescale, although book two has taken far longer than I wanted for each book in the series. At present I’m banking on early to middle next year if all goes well with the next edit. The good news is that I’m already writing parts of book three necessary to finish book two, so the next one won’t take as long.

      Thanks again for reading book one again, I hope you enjoy it as much the second time around 🙂

      Best Wishes, Miles

  3. Dear Miles,

    I’ve booked your booklet/email course at Canterbury but really wanted the Sell Thousands of Books course, but that’s not till next May. Do you give the course anywhere else? Sooner? April brought your work to my attention. Regards, Denise

  4. Just had Miles in our class to teach us all about the amazing facts and benefits to self publishing. It’s not easy, but he really made it seem like a viable option, and showed great passion doing so.
    I really appreciated all the advice, he was great fun to listen to, and very approachable. Definitely the person to come to for assistance on how to become a successful author.

  5. Miles came to our college today to give us a presentation on being self published. It was a two day course that he somehow managed to squeeze into one day, and kept all the major information we needed! He was extremely interesting to listen to, and I feel like I came away from today knowing so much more than before. I feel like there are so many more doors open to me now as a writer, and that Miles gave us the best advice and tips he could!
    Would definitely recommend his course for other wannabe writers.
    Thanks again for such a fun and interesting day!

    1. Thank you, Shen. I packed a lot in and you absorbed it all! I’m delighted to have opened doors. I love seeing the light in young aspiring writer’s eyes as they see the possibilities ahead.

  6. North Kent’s Professional Writing course had the pleasure of having Miles talk to us of his experience with publishing today.
    As a fantasy novelist and aspiring author, I can definitely say that it was an incredibly helpful day. Miles is a friendly, laid back guy who got a lot of information in during a small time. He informed us that his publishing lecture is normally a two day thing, yet he managed to cover everything very well in half that time.
    I had a great day, took a lot on board, and have a lot to think about.

    Thank you Miles!


  7. The presentation was great! Very enlightening! Would of liked to win the competition! looks like I’m going to have to buy “the walkers of legend”

  8. Emily Dorsett Beard

    It was great having Miles teaching to us today. It’s given me some fantastic things to think about – a very inspiring speaker, thank you for a brilliant session. I cannot wait to start “Walkers of Legend”!

    1. It was a pleasure teaching you guys, Emily; even a breakdown in the projector and change to a small, stuffy room didn’t dampen your spirits! I was very impressed with the completeness of your video exercise and how all the elements blended together so perfectly. Remarkable in such a short time and well worthy of a signed copy of my book – I hope you enjoy it. All the best with your career and keep me posted with your books!

      1. Emily Dorsett Beard

        Hi Miles,

        I’ve recently started the Walkers of Legend and it’s an incredibly fantastic read. Having planned to keep you posted with my books, I’m looking into publishers and literary agents to get ‘Lie to Me’ (my crime thriller) published as part of an assignment submission, so wondered if there were any companies you could recommend for me to contact.

        Thank you very much for visiting the college!

        1. Hi Emily, glad you’re enjoying Walkers. Being a Self-Publisher I don’t keep up to date with traditional publishers. Crime/Thriller is still the best genre at the moment though to get accepted, so that’s good news. One of the best books for getting a publisher is the Writers’ and Artists’ Year Book – it’s full of great advice and lists many publishers and what they take and how to approach them.

          You may also find that you’ll need to go through an agent first, as few publishers take unsolicited MS’s nowadays.

          Very best of luck and keep me informed on how you get on.

          Best Wishes


  9. hi Miles

    Am looking to see how I can obtain a copy of Book two – Legends Awakening, would you know where to obtain a paper copy.



  10. Elizabeth & Linda - Mitchell & Mitchell

    We met Miles when he gave a talk at the Bexley Literary Festival and decided to ask him for assistance in producing a smaller paperback version of ‘Revenge’, the book we had published on Amazon. Miles advised us on all sides of the process, from how to get an ISBN number to how to improve the cover, and suggested we change the title to ‘Revenge: Blood Runs Deep’ in order to make it easier to find on the web. It has been of enomous benefit to have someone who has been through the process and succeeded, to guide us each step of the way. Thank you so much, Miles.

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