Terms and Conditions

In keeping with my general philosophy for straight-talking, these terms and conditions and privacy statements are purposely brief and in plain English. If you are in any doubt as to any aspect of the statements below, please drop me an email at miles@milesallen.net and I plan to respond within 14 days (subject to any annual leave I might take that extends that).


While I take reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information, guidance, and security of your data, the self-publishing industry, and indeed the internet itself are changing at a rapid pace and it’s impossible to assure this 100%.

I use standard industry security measures to maintain protection of your data.

I do use third-party providers of online services, for example, website hosting, email providers and development tools, and your data will inevitably be stored either briefly or long term on their servers. It is my understanding that the service providers I use are responsible and also take reasonable measures to protect your data. It is, after all, in their best interest to do so.

I do promise that your data will not knowingly be shared with marketing companies that would use your data to advertise separately to you or pass on your data to any marketing lists. I have an innate dislike for high-pressure and ‘spam’ marketing techniques, and will not use them myself or use any company I believe that does.

If you have any reason to believe any service I provide has played a part in any form of a breach in this policy, contact me using miles@milesallen.net and I will apply reasonable effort to investigate the issue and do my best to report back to you my findings within 28 days.

This site and any material it provides, in any format, in all ways, is used entirely at your own risk.

You’ve no doubt heard of cookies. They are used to hold snippets of information about you so that websites can provide a better and more focused experience for you. I use them in so far as they are built into the tools I use, such as website builder tools, and there is an opt-out/opt-in pop-up that allows you to use or not use them. If you opt-out, some of the features on this site may not work.