Don’t know where to start your self-publishing project, or stuck with some part of it?

We have your answers

Try our FREE Q & A call


FREE informal chat with a genuine specialist (not some sales person reading a script).

Call +44 (0)1622 370667 

or our Discovery Session


For our discovery session you provide us with your book in whatever form you have it, and we check over relevant parts. We then set up a session and our specialist will have an approximate 1-hour call with you to advise on things as:

  • Is self-publishing right for you, based on your financial or other goals?
  • What’s involved in self-publishing?
  • How to achieved success based on your goals.
  • Things to steer clear off.
  • Is your book (and you) ready to be published?
  • What are the costs?
  • Your next step?…

People find this session high value, enlightening and motivating.

You’ll also get a FREE copy of our full self-publishing roadmap ebook (normally £9.99).  

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