Creating Audiobooks

The cost of producing audiobooks had kept the masses from joining this expanding and lucrative market.

That’s all changed…

Sure, there are professionals out there who will make your book sound better than you – it’s their full-time job, you should expect that, but the cost is typically thousands of pounds.

But what if we said you can make a great job of it yourself, acceptable to Amazon Audible, and that readers will love!

Scary thought? Your voice isn’t good enough?

We’ll show you how to make it so. And quicker than you think…

In 2019 we’ll be publishing a handbook and running courses to show you how to: 

  • Train your voice ready for recording.
  • Set up on a budget to record from home.
  • Use free software to process your recording to give it that professional ‘audiobook’ sound.
  • Be accepted and publish yourself on Amazon Audible.

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