The Walkers of Legend


Book one in The Walkers of Legend fantasy series

The Walkers of Legend is set within a fearsome, deeply endangered world. One that holds a staggering ten-thousand-year-old secret.

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Fifty years of peace is over. The Ashnorian Empire has awakened its overwhelming armies to crush the rangers of Mlendria and a scattered race of feudal barbarians to feed the empire’s torture chambers for a life-extending elixir.

The young Mlendrian mages are kidnapped to restock those that will be lost, but one of them is no ordinary man. It becomes a race against time as he attempts to unlock the secret of the empire’s powerful magic, for he soon realises that somehow he must stand against his formidable Magii Master, and delay the war.

Back home his friend is forced to come of age, and with his Grandfather’s fabled axe, begin the equally impossible task of penetrating the Empire from which no one returns – and getting him back…


  1. Claire W

    Enjoyed this book. Nice work with the threads coming together and twists. Difficult to put down after halfway as Garamon’s constant danger kept me on the edge of my seat. Will be buying book two as soon as it’s out.

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