Editor Service

Developmental editing, unlike it’s constrained cousins copy-editing and proof checking, isn’t about a set of rules being applied to ensure grammar is good or sentences flow well. Neither is it co-writing – no writing is done on your behalf and you’re in full control.

We read your story thoroughly, using tools such as instinct and experience to judge if it starts well, holds the reader and ends with a strong finish. This requires identifying plot holes, dull characters, inconsistencies, areas of poor pace, under or over description, inappropriate settings and more.

We also look for your book to be intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging in the right proportions for your genre and style, and to hook the reader throughout.

Working with a developmental editor is a high value, rewarding experience, and it’s worth remembering that all top writers use one — Steven King uses a team!

You’ll also learn a lot about your writing, and improve from the process.

We provide it in two forms:

Developmental Editor's Report

£15 per 1,000 words

We carefully read your story and produce a comprehensive report of roughly 6,000 words detailing it’s strengths and weaknesses in plot, characters, world-building, voice, pace, setting, for you to think about. We’ll also, where possible, provide suggestions to resolve issues.

This requires many hours of work by the most experienced editors, and as such it’s value to you and cost are commensurately high.

Developmental Editor time



(Prime 1-2-1 time with Miles as your editor)


Developmental editor sessions are delivered via Phone/Skype (or personal meetings if local) and include the time needed to read and assess your work.