How to Self-Publish Your Book

(Delivered to hundreds of authors since 2014)

This energising half-day course shoots straight from the hip. It’s packed with information and tips on how to self-publish yourself in 2019. You’ll learn how to self-publish anything from a zero-cost Amazon Kindle ebook, to the highest-quality full-colour hardback.

You will learn

  • There will a short but important introduction to the current status of the industry and how it affects you.
  • I’ll provide a quick check for you to do, to see if you’re ready to start the self-publishing process.
  • Then follows the detailed step-by-step process for you to produce your ebook, paperback or hardback at varying levels of quality for your target budget and goal. From editing to printing, including printers to choose and how to prepare for them.
  • Now that you’ve learned how to create your book, you now have to set up to sell and get distributed. I’ll show you how to get on the books of Waterstones, and set up with a major distributor.

As you can probably tell, this is a packed session with tips and info to create your book, and a stack of resources and websites to use to accomplish your goal.

You get slides included as you’ll be hard-pressed to write it down.

This regularly updated course has been delivered to hundreds of budding authors since 2014, and has been hosted by Canterbury Christ Church University and North Kent College.

Probably the most honest, candid and comprehensive course I’ve attended on this subject.”

Simon (attendee at CCCU hosted course)

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