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In need of a change from a long corporate career, I took a leap of faith to become a fantasy author. Trying self-publishing my first book hit No1 on Amazon for epic fantasy,  even knocking The Hunger Games from the top slot in Waterstones.

Others began asking me for help to self-publish and I set up a business providing writing coaching and self-publishing services. The first few years were a wild ride, the publishing industry was being turned on it’s head due to the self-publishing phenomenon, but things began to settle down as self-publishing ironed out it’s bugs to became a credible option to traditional publishing.

The last five years have seen a mixed reputation for quality in the industry, largely due to so many new authors simply uploading their books to Amazon using the retail behemoth’s easy access online process, without proper care for quality control or professional editing. But the number of serious authors grow daily, seeing self-publishing as a real choice over traditional publishing (see article on The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing), and use professional services to create them.

Overall, self-publishing is thriving and I still get a great kick seeing each book I help get published and the look on authors’ faces when they hold their first copy in their hands or see it on Amazon.

I help people of all levels, from beginners just starting out with their first book, to old hands traditionally published who would like to try self-publishing. Budgets vary enormously and I help you create a plan to suit, from those just wishing to tick off their bucket list and have a couple of copies, all the way to high-volume, highest quality, to match top mainstream traditional publishing for career authors.

I’ve devised and follow a tested and proven process, but still leave room for tailoring to each project, which for me is the reason for a long list of delighted clients and longevity in the business.

My proudest career moment, seeing my book in Waterstones, Ashford, pushing both the best-selling rivals, The Hunger Games, titles from the top slot.

Walkers of Legend - book 1 beating Hunger Games to number one slot in Waterstones Ashford 2012
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