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In 2006 a 30-year career in software engineering was thrown to the wind to follow a new path of fantasy author. It was a crazy idea, a dream job for me. It was certainly a rocky road, but with perseverance in 2010 my first book hit the shelves achieving number one status in Waterstones, even knocking the Hunger Games books one and two from the top slots. It was a proud moment justifying a good deal of sacrifice.

Now, a decade on , I pass my experience to other new starts through easy and enjoyable writing workshops to teach them that which I only wished I’d known in those first difficult years – the secrets to  writing to captivate a readership.

I deliver workshops and classes at public venues, universities, colleges. And now, with the changes brought about by COVID-19, increasingly online in the convenience of your own home.

I specialise in small workshop groups where people get direct feedback to be nurtured, encouraged and motivated, rather than only filling heads with information that can be obtained from the internet and is easily forgotten.

Book one in Waterstones, Ashford, pushing The Hunger Games from the top slot.

“The Walkers of Legend”

This has been a real hit with all our customers – we’ve had Miles in for a signing twice now and both times he has done fantastically well. The feedback has been brilliant.
Walkers of Legend - book 1 beating Hunger Games to number one slot in Waterstones Ashford 2012
Creative Writing Online Workshop
A thoroughly enlightening week! Tons of expert advice, presented in an encouraging manner. It gave me a new confidence in my abilities as a writer and ideas for possible future short stories – and maybe that first novel! Small group meant it was very friendly and personal and there was ample time for everyone to discuss their work and / or progress.
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