10-WEEK COURSE – Learn to Write Stories – For Beginners


10-Week Course
Learn to Write Stories – For Beginners

MONDAY 17th JULY 2017



Consider this…

You’re on a train, reading a book you can’t put down. Your eyes are racing over the pages, your heart is pounding. You finally finish, slamming the book shut, almost feeling out of breath.

The young person next to you is nodding to the sound of their music. The business woman on the seat opposite is typing energetically into her iPad. Others are napping.

All are oblivious, as though you didn’t just experience emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback. You want to shout out: “Don’t you realise what’s just happened? Don’t you know how big this is!

But of course, they can’t. How could they understand?

This is the art of writing; and writing well…

Some of us are wired to be creative, but to get that creativity down in words that induce SUCH an emotional response with a reader, has to be taught.

Skills that make your stories come alive; creating happiness, sadness, excitement and wonder in a reader, to make a memorable story or book.

Over the 10 weeks, the course provides you the tools and the practice to begin your journey as a true writer. Toward the end of the course, you will have written a complete short story using these techniques.

You will learn how to:
Create believable and interesting characters
Hook readers early on
Hold a readers interest
Structure a story
Create emotions in the readers such as fear, anger, happiness, grief, laughter and more
Make your characters speak in a way that’s convincing
Rewrite dull sentences to make them come alive!
And much, much more…

You will also learn why publishers reject manuscripts and what to do about it

Group and One-to-One Teaching

One of the great successes behind NAGS courses is its history of over 150 regular structured meet-ups.

In your early sessions, you will learn a new technique each time, and write a short practice piece. Everyone gets to read them out, and Miles provides live one-to-one feedback. This is one of the most powerful ways to hone your skills quickly and completely.

In the final sessions your will put all these skills together to write a short story of your own making. This is built, reviewed and edited, week on week until you have a story to be proud.

The author of the best short story from the course will receive £100 and have it professionally edited to competition-entry standard!


You get a growing workbook that reminds you of what you’ve done in each session and allows a slot for your exercise and feedback from Miles.

It’s easy to forget so much information, so the course also provides a number of checklists covering from before you start your story or book, then starting it, keeping it flowing and ending it.

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10% DISCOUNT for one year for:

Many publishing services provided by REDBAK Publishing, should you wish to self-publish at any point within one year from the completion of the course.

Courses and workshops from REDBAK Publishing and Miles Allen, such as: How to Create a High-Quality Book and Self-Publish; How to Market Your Book to Sell Thousands; and more…

Private coaching from Miles.

“I highly recommend it.”
Margery Bloomfield
Co-founder of the European School of Osteopathy and author of Full Circle and Tree of Life

“So glad you’ve started this Miles – thanks!”
Jane Loder

“If you are a budding author – this is certainly one for you”
Barry Morgan




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Grove Green Community Hall
Penhurst Close,
Kent,ME14 5BT

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About Miles Allen

Miles changed careers in 2008 from Senior Systems Designer in Aviation to become a fantasy author. His first book hit No1 on Amazon for Epic Fantasy and knocked The Hunger Games from the top slot in Waterstones. In 2010 he started a self-publishing business, and began creative writing meet-ups in Kent called NAGwhich have been running bi-weekly for four years.

He now writes, runs NAGS, and teaches a range of courses for new authors on creative writing, self-publishing and book marketing across Kent (including at the Canterbury Christchurch University and North Kent College).