WRITE IT- PUBLISH IT - SELL IT! A to Z roadmap to self-publishing success

Self-publishing is a broad subject. Without help you can fall prey to months of time-consuming failure and wasted expenditure. 

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It’s up to you, what you want from your book, and what budget you want to spend.

Whether a book for yourself and family, or something more elaborate such as for launching your author career, experienced guidance goes a long way to avoiding a hard slog, typically resulting in disappointment at least, and often you giving up.

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Quotes from clients...

End-to-end self-publishing service

You have been the height of patience with me in getting my books written, edited and published. Much appreciated!Rosemary Williams   author of Prep That Fish book series

End-to-end self-publishing service

“Writing a book is a journey and over the months between then and now, with Miles’ open, honest and candid help, I managed to fully understand it and successfully make many other important decisions.

I thoroughly recommend Miles and I am very pleased with my book.

Maggie Loxton  Artist, Author and Illustrator

Self-Publishing Your Books. 1-day course for the CCCU

 Probably the most honest, candid and comprehensive course I’ve attended on this subject.

Simon  Attendee

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