“If only I could write and publish like this…”

Now you can…

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Thinking of Doing it?

Writing a book or getting one published you’ve written?

Maybe to be author or perhaps just print a few for kids or grandkids? Or a book you’ve been meaning to start for…well…ever?

Writing one is a challenge for sure, but getting a publisher, for all but a few, is a soul-destroying task, ending in disappointment after months or years of waiting. It’s one of the reasons self-publishing has become so popular in just ten years. It’s matured enough now for go-it-alone authors to create books matching the quality of the top mainstream publishers.

But you have to get it right, and most don’t, leaving themselves dissatisfied and feeling it was all a waste of time. After ten-years providing self-publishing to others, and a no1 bestseller author on Amazon, I use a team of proven professionals to create great books of which you can feel proud.

I also personally coach and train budding writers and authors in the art of writing and self-publishing, so you can do it yourself, saving money.

To get started, check out my handbook below. It contains all the essentials to put you firmly in the driving seat when self-publishing for success.

Have fun – and good luck!



If you’re thinking of self-publishing, there are a ton of questions you need answering before you commit. This guide covers them in the three essential phases: writing; self-publishing; selling it!

With key hints’n’tips, detailed instructions and settings, it gets you firmly on track, avoiding costly pitfalls.

What people say...

End-to-end self-publishing service

You have been the height of patience with me in getting my books written, edited and published. Much appreciated!Rosemary Williams   author of Prep That Fish book series

End-to-end self-publishing service

“Writing a book is a journey and over the months between then and now, with Miles’ open, honest and candid help, I managed to fully understand it and successfully make many other important decisions.

I thoroughly recommend Miles and I am very pleased with my book.

Maggie Loxton  Artist, Author and Illustrator

Self-Publishing Your Books — 1-day course hosted by CCCU

 Probably the most honest, candid and comprehensive course I’ve attended on this subject.Simon  Attendee