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Sign up for free advice and dates for workshops straight to your inbox.​

Set yourself on the enjoyable and rewarding road to creative writing – for work, for fun or maybe to write or finish that book you’ve had in your head (or the drawer) for years…

Online Workshops

In small groups, discover the techniques for writing great stories. You’ll learn, practice and get live feedback as you create intriguing characters and test them in practice scenes. It’s practical and fun with knowledge staying in your head that you can put to immediate use.

Workshop dates
A thoroughly enlightening week! Tons of expert advice, presented in an encouraging manner. It gave me a new confidence in my abilities as a writer and ideas for possible future short stories – and maybe that first novel! Small group meant it was very friendly and personal and there was ample time for everyone to discuss their work and / or progress.

Editor Report – 3000 words

Get practicable feedback on your current creative writing. The report will detail your strengths and give examples of improvements to your flow and wording. This is less about spelling and grammar, and more how to write to get readers thoroughly immersed.

Provide up to 3000 words
(that’s about ten full paperback pages!)

You were terrific with your critiques, you write in the most positive + encouraging way. ​
Linda Leonard
Organiser of writing retreats in Lanzarote
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