So you’re thinking of writing a book, a novel, short stories, or perhaps just articles for a magazine? Maybe it’s completely made up – a fantasy story, or perhaps a crime thriller or love story? Or factual writing: a hobby, a recipe book of home recipes, or perhaps a true-life story about yourself, somebody special or an interesting Grandparent?

These are all great reasons to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

For the vast majority of people, apart from a few stories in school, we experience writing as an act of reporting or listing facts: a letter home about what’s happened, a list for shopping, an internal report for our boss or a communication to employees. This works well for the purpose of getting information across, but it’s rarely engaging, exciting or compelling. We lack the skills for building tension or describing a scene or person that evokes emotion in the reader. And yet when writing fiction, and even non-fiction well, these are the essentials for a ‘good read’. Facts stimulate the mind, but creating an interesting read requires the manipulation of the heart of the reader – their emotions: fear, excitement, worry, anticipation, love, hate, heartbreak. Have you read a book that’s invoked those emotions in you – a book that you couldn’t put down because you were emotionally involved?

“The imagination is an amazing thing. If you can manipulate it – make the reader deeply feel about someone or something – whether you make them burst with joy, be reduced to tears or be terrified to turn the next page – they’ll love you for it and keep coming back for more.” Miles Allen

Thankfully, emotional writing is a skill that can be learned at any age, and once discovered is a source of continual pleasure, both for writer and reader alike. And with the age of affordable short runs and eBooks upon us, self-publishing and assisted self-publishing have enabled the dream of becoming an author a reality for millions of people, whether to produce a single book, develop a new hobby or create a new career.

We hope you too, will indulge, and discover the fulfillment of becoming an author.

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