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Need a speaker on self-publishing, or a fiction/business writing workshop presenter? Miles runs a range of  workshops for budding authors, from writing skills to self-publication and marketing. For bespoke workshops for your business, contact Miles for more information at

3 thoughts on “Need a Speaker”

  1. My son has autisim and wants to write he has some stories which he is working on.But he needs help.Any advice would be most welcome

    1. Hi Julie, I’ve had no direct experience with autism, but I understand sufferers have difficulty in communicating. This shouldn’t be a problem so long as it’s not too severe. If you’re looking for a tutor to help him with his writing and perhaps guide him to get his stories finished then I may be able to help. This would be best one-to-one in the same room, but if you’re not local then it may be possible to do this through him sending something to me for me to return with comments.

      Where are you located?

  2. Miles, I see you are doing some university workshops. I’m wondering if you could do a one-day session on the ins and outs of self-publishing and marketing for my first and second year undergraduates on a Professional Writing course (link: We’d be looking at a midweek day before Christmas and at this stage I’m happy to negotiate specifics so I’d appreciate some ball park responses re what could be covered and the cost.

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