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“Being a long-term member of one of Miles’ Author Groups is so stimulating – and a lot of fun as well! Writing is quite a lonely business so it helps enormously to meet regularly with the group and share what we have been writing as well as getting valuable feedback. Miles sets us structured exercises that expand our skills and gives us the benefit of his experience, really useful guidance and constructive criticism – not forgetting praise when we deserve it! It keeps me writing and certainly helps the creative juices. I highly recommend it.”

Margery Bloomfield
Co-founder of the European School of Osteopathy and author of Full Circle and Tree of Life



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8 thoughts on “NAGS”

  1. I’ve been going to Miles’s new author coffee mornings for a while now and it is a great setting and atmosphere for getting motivated to start writing your book. I have been distracted for a while with other things but had a great meeting this week that has really got me back on track.

    Miles is quietly authoritative…. offering great support and ideas to keep on track and just knowing that he will help us all the way makes a big difference. Plus it is great fun listening to (and reading) each other’s books and coming up with ideas to help each other.

    So glad you’ve started this Miles – thanks!

  2. For close on 25 years I have had an idea buzzing round in my mind but never been able to consolidate this into a story.
    Miles has helped immensely with the plot, the little twists, the structure and even the ending. He has shown me a practical method of producing the book and I now know the story will finally see the light of day.
    I now have the first 2 chapters written and the complete structure for the rest of the book. Without his help it would never have got off the ground
    If you are a budding author – this is certainly one for you
    Loved the group meetings, loads of ideas, lots of suggestions, and plenty of additional material for the book

  3. I’ve only just spotted this post. Are these author coffee mornings still run? Meeting other authors is exactly what I’m looking for to motivate and inspire myself.

    1. Hi Angelie,

      If you join NAGs Community facebook group, it has all the info on the NAGs groups, where, when etc. Click the link below. At the moment, NAGs is taking a short break, however, if you can make it to Faversham there is a new writing group just spawned from the last NAGs programme down there. It’s a great little group and they’re looking for more members. I’m a member too 🙂 Details are on a post at the top of the NAGs facebook group below.

  4. Hi Miles, many thanks for letting me know. Faversham is a possibility, depending on the time and day. I’ll check out the post on facebook and hope to meet you and other like-minded writers soon.

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