Miles Allen

Miles was born in the UK. He followed an engineering career into management within a blue chip company for twenty five years before leaving to run his own software company. He got into heroic fantasy reading in his late teens, but didn't have the call to writing until his forties. He now lives with his family in Kent, England, running his new company helping others to write and get self-published, and writing his first project: The Walkers of Legend fantasy series.

This is Who I Am

Why Your Business Biography is Killing Sales

Personal profiles have never been more crucial, and yet some parts we neglect so badly we’re not just losing out, were damaging our reputation and sales. This especially applies to creatives, but also very much to business people. Your short and punchy business biography is key to generating credibility, trust and therefore sales. Why We Buy …

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International Creatives Unite in Tribute to Her Majesty

When the Queen’s own Deputy Lord Leftenant, Maidstone & The Weald MP Helen Grant, and Maidstone’s Deputy Mayor turn up to an event in Maidstone, you know something important is going down. And that’s what happened yesterday evening at the private viewing of Maidstone’s newest gallery Xross-PolyNation. Indian-born owner and Curator Ravinder Kalsi and her team …

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