Oh no, that first blog!

Well here it is, that obligatory and oft dread FIRST BLOG ENTRY. What to say, what not to say. Do I start with some amusing ditty, or perhaps launch into my life history and risk boring you all to another author’s blog in the hope that you’ll find something that’s actually interesting. It’s all so daunting.

Or is it?

I have often wondered what I’d write in my blog, and as I sit here telling you this I realise that for me the best blogs are the laying bare of that incessant flowing water that passes as internal dialogue in the streams of our heads. Those little thoughts that constantly wander in and out as fears, worries, doubts, judgements, moments of inspiration, moments of desperation, thoughts of condemnation and appreciation that we mostly keep to ourselves.

So that’s it, we’ve arrived at the decision together, albeit you were a witness and I the decision-maker. My blog will be about what goes on in my head, my take on things, my insights, great or poor, on the world of writing as a new author. I’ll share with you some of that stuff that normally stays locked up: what it’s like to be a new author, how I overcame this and that difficulty in the hope that you may be about to do the same and it will help.  I’ll include my take on new cool stuff within the trade that I come across in my research, and well, anything I feel it fit really.

I’ll blog roughly once a fortnight to start with and see how that goes.

By all means leave comments per blog and leave general comments in the Have Your Say page. It’s all about dialogue and building relationships, so have at it and I look forward to some good discussions for the benefit of all.

All the best



Grammar Tip:

In regard to.  Often wrongly written in regards to. But as regards is correct, and means the same thing.

(From Strunk and White, Elements of Style)