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Thinking if doing it?

Writing a book? 

Maybe for yourself, or to write stories for your kids or grandkids? Or a book you’ve been meaning to start for…well…ever?

Writing one is a challenge for sure, but getting a publisher is a sole-destroying chore, and for all but a few, ultimately ends in disappointment. It’s for this reason self-publishing has become so popular in just ten years. It’s matured enough for go-it-alone authors to create books to match the quality of the top mainstream publishers.


Half-a-century of book publishing in the UK has been turned on its head in just a decade due to the internet, Amazon, desktop publishing and eBooks.

Self-publishing. Walkers of Legend - book 1 beating Hunger Games to number one slot in Waterstones Ashford 2012

I was similar to many. In need of a change from a long corporate career, I took a leap of faith to become a fantasy author. I tried self-publishing and to my surprise my first book hit No1 on Amazon for Epic Fantasy,  knocking The Hunger Games from the top slot in Waterstones.

Others began asking me for help to try self-publishing, and a community of new writers soon sprang up, hungry to write good stories and get out there. This spawned NAGS (New Author Groups) which is in its fifth year; and created my self-publishing business REDBAK Publishing which is in its tenth year, providing the full range of high-quality services to create stunning books to match any top traditional publisher.

Taking the Plunge

So if you like the idea of self-publishing, there are some things your going to need to know to avoid costly pitfalls. After teaching and publishing so many others, plus publishing my own books, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will not only produce a great-looking book, avoid painful and expensive mistakes, but will also boost your chances of success.

To get you started here’s my FREE mobile-friendly mini-guide download. It will give you an idea as to what you’ll be facing as a Self-pubbi; including the dangers and how to avoid them, what you MUST do, and marketing strategies to succeed. 

Just click on the book below:


I guarantee – working with me is better by “MILES”.

Good luck, and don’t forget to write!


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  1. I really like this “about me” page, I think it is very informative, witty and very interesting, well done you 🙂

  2. Is there going to be Book two of The Walkers of Legend series? we enjoyed
    Book one and looking forward to a sequel. Regards.

  3. Hi Miles did the 2nd book get released yet? I have been looking. Was lovely meeting you in Maidstone last year. My autographed copy is still untouched and air sealed. Hope your family and yourself are well.


    1. Hi Lewis, nice to hear from you! I hope you and your family are well too.

      Book two is planned for a June release, and as long as no significant plot problems arise from the check being done now, all should be well for that date.

      So I look forward, hopefully, to seeing you then 🙂


  4. Hello Miles! I really enjoyed your first book of the walkers legend…great new stuff written very good and certainty an enjoyable read…I just noticed that the second book is due out in September of 2015…I was just wandering if it will be available in paperback on the same day or at all in the U.S.?…Looking forward to reading more. ….get bio also.

    1. Hi Michael, delighted to hear you enjoyed book one, and thanks for letting me know. Yes, book two will be available in the US in paperback through Amazon, although it takes longer to get proofed compared to local outlets. If you sign up to The Walkers of Legend newsletter it will be in there when it’s published for US.

  5. Hi Mike, I came across your name whilst perusing Canterbury Christ Church uni website where I am an MA student on the Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred course. I have ghost written one book in the past and co-authored another in the field of meditation and yoga but have been writing my own book based around engaging with art and images in a deeper way, for the last 15 years. My BA was in the History of Art and I have around 15-20,000 words so far as a foundation. I would really love to get some guidance around self publishing with you, if this is something you offer. My previous two books were via Watkins publishers and have sold well. I would really like to hear from you and discuss further. Many thanks

    1. Hi Mary. An MA in Cosmology – now that sounds like my kind of qualification 🙂

      I founded REDBAK Publishing some years back, initially to self-publish my own books, but more and more it’s taking over as a business providing self-publishing advice and services. It now occupies much of my time. I do provide a one-hour discovery session for those thinking of self-publishing, and I ask and answer questions based on what you’re trying to achieve, so you’re fully informed of your options. If that sounds like what you’re looking for then we can arrange a meetup. I’m starting a holiday tomorrow for two weeks but can arrange something after that if you like. There is a charge of £50. I used to do them for free, but I was spending all my time doing them!

      I’ll email you so we can talk further…


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